I'm searching for happy music


I am mine.
Listen To This Man :


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The B-52’s!!


Poi Dog Pondering

(who I saw open for B-52’s on a New Years Eve –wow, was I SO freakn happy =o)

Well, PDP shoulda/coulda ‘gone big’ –but they are huge in Chicago & Austin (& my heart)

In looking for a quick description for PDP, I came across this…note ‘similar artists’.


Interesting, since I’ve never really ‘compared’ the two, but can say there are a few Moz songs where the instrumentals remind a lot of Poi.

Check out Volo Volo (1991), Pomegranate (1995), and Liquid White Light (1997). And Poi does a great cover of N.O.’s Love Vigilantes –found on their ‘Best of’ CD.

You can’t help but smile and dance to this fun, energetic band!! ‘Enjoy’ if you check ‘em out!


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ima guessing, sense you asked, youd like samples also, i know i would

Corrissey, i knew i liked you for a reason. this is one of the albums ill be buried with. i cant tell you how many summers while laying in the sun at the beach or pool that i had this playing on my walkman.
heres the full cd View attachment 4285 http://www.megaupload.com/?d=106FEQHS thank you jesus

heres a sample to listen instantly now.[dont judge them by this one song, they have many flavors] sense there was no audio of this cd on the Poi Dog Ponderings Site http://mozzbozz.vox.com/library/audio/6a00cdf3a7625fcb8f00e398d7235f0002.html

and heres corrisseys version, of pois versions of new orders version, of the song of LOVE VIGILANTES, listen NOW http://mozzbozz.vox.com/library/audio/6a00cdf3a7625fcb8f00e398d733030004.html

now for something more to the rock side, a group who has the baddest womans rock voice, and i mean EVER http://mothersfinest.com/ THE album to get you wet would be 'Another Mother Further'. dont let the date scare you. music is forever. check the biography to see who 'baby jean' has played with. it all started with 'baby love'

play this f***ing loud or theres no point http://mozzbozz.vox.com/library/audio/6a00cdf3a7625fcb8f00e398d728f00002.html

so sense i brought them up heres the Mothers Finest album http://www.megaupload.com/?d=M0O29Q9G

DRIFTER - steppin on my collection PRODUCTIONS;)
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:sweet:, drifter ... my insta-friend :D

thanks for posting some links. I love these guys. Throw a few CDs in my coffin too :) Do you have a lot of their stuff? I have it all :rolleyes:

They have a new album coming out in March!! I've seen these guys over 20 times -what a great live act. I've met Frank and the band in the last couple of years thanks in part to my GF's husband -plays rhodes, clavinet, organ & synth :cool: :D :cool: :D


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But Not Tonight by Depeche Mode.


RIP The Rev
Silverchair's latest album "Young Modern" is full of pep and happy. Namely songs like "Straight Lines", and "If You keep Losing Sleep".

I highly recomend it

Oh and the B52's. Duh! How could forget them?!
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Thats How People Throw Up
please help me...

(and please don't get existential askin "dude what happiness means?", everybody that has seen the lion king film, knows whats sadness and happiness means)

- Barenaked Ladies
- The Hidden Cameras
- Lighthouse Familly
- Secret Garden
- Super Furry Animals
- um... Steps (?) :D


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Beck, Beastie Boys, The Hives and a lot of Misfits tunes cheer me up: Astro-Zombies, Hate Breeders, (how ironic) Last Caress...
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