Induct The Smiths into the "Rock & Roll" Hall of Fame! Facebook.


no more facebook campaign please

Sorry mate, it's nothing to do with fans.

Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame is industry stuff, without record company endorsement it won't happen.

Please read earlier discussion thread
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I'm well aware of how it works.
Doesn't mean that I have to sit quiet.
Doesn't hurt to raise awareness about it.
Just want to create a place for people who believe in musicians being recognized for their independent ideals.
No harm done here.
Don't agree? Don't "like" it.
Take care.


Noted. I cannot argue that. They are the most important, in my mind, and when I think of the "first" (the first to achieve that attitude of what we know as "indie"), they seem to have been the epitome of it. Having said that, I have changed the wording for the sake of accuracy and not how I view their legacy.
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