Irish Examiner: "Suzanne Harrington - It's a blow when heroes like Morrissey and John Lydon turn out to be idiots" (October 5, 2020)



Yes indeed
Those Twitter kids have been fed on pop fodder (pig s***) since birth
They would not be able to distinguish art from fart
These kids understand only one thing “Sex” sells
Long on skin short on clothes writhe around and dry hump to meaningless words.
They will do whatever it takes to get shot into the slimelight and if that includes selling their souls so be it.
Kids A Looker springs to mind. Spot on by the way!


Vegan Cro’s parents regret the condom splitting
John Lydon is NOT great. He's a middle class man who became moderately famous for his willingness to participate in a marketing project, and who later became VERY wealthy after marrying a German heiress. PIL were just OK.

Brilliant live though, love the way entered the stage at Brixton.


Sorri Andi

Good golly, hope no-one noticed the union flagged drum set & the st. george flag displays...tut tut!!

Vegan. Cro. Spirit. 222

Ever get the feeling you've been cheated?
If you want to be mad at Morrissey I can understand that but everything John Lydon has done has been consistent and he could tell you why he did it. Everyone's bothered that he wore a Trump shirt and I hate Trump too, but remember he also wore swastikas. Do you think he's a Nazi?

Fake C are you going up a "do you think hes a Nazi?" thread?:crazy:

Mz Understood

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Lydon banned on the BBC in 1978; for exposing Jimmy Savile.
That’s not too shabby

Florence McCarty

I read Irish Examiner, Irish Post and Irish Echo (NYC) and believe me or not, S.H is a dull writer, let alone a journalist. Amazed they employ her. Guess she’s freelance, penny a word lol.

Mz Understood

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Look up the interview by price for my organ (use your imagination)
I’m not posting it cos he’s not worth it.

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