Is Coronavirus as serious as they say?

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But we already know this. And it's not just the UK, many nations are considering this. I'm not worried. They may try to implement it but I doubt it will last.
I should clarify that I’m not referring to a passport to secure international travel (which is being widely considered) the ‘passport’ being discussed in the UK is for access to cinemas, theatres, concerts and sports venues and possibly pubs and restaurants.

There is (in effect) already an ID scheme for football, but what’s being discussed is on a different level and it’s a more thorough electronic surveillance scheme.

I might note, as Mozmar stated, there is in any case a further degradation of privacy (around medical records) about to happen in the UK—I’ve just found out that the ‘opt out’ isn’t as easy as was promised.

From what I’ve read the state is about to sell more personal NHS information to private data companies; guess what—the Covid passport scheme apparently being proposed is an extension of the NHS app.

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right FC, taking a 5 min walk to buy 15 yr old cat food is really living it up:rolleyes:
BGV is busy making up chick/residency/D stories that nobody will believe but will make it look like you believe while subtly undermining his made up stories🥸
you desperately want to regain your position as forum top artist in residency, pontificating and dispensing non sensical advice:hammer:
Try living in the real world instead of your shell....

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That *might* be true. But what is also true is that the Delta variant is VERY deadly. You lemmings don't have to believe the science. But get vaccinated so you don't die.
Look, BoJo f***ed up rolling out the vaccinations in the UK. Thats on him.

Here in NYC people who are vaccinated are living the f***ing dream.

I am at the fancy restaurants EVERY day drinking $15 water and setting my Chanel bag down on HIGH TOUCH SURFACES without worrying about dying from COVID.

I'll go to ZARA without using hand sanitizer. I'll leave ZARA with two bags.

I might stop by the bakery and pick up tarts for the house.

I haven't worn a mask in a month.

It's been grand.

Next week, I'll fly Jetblue Mint back to Los Angeles for 3 days of meeting and will stay at the Palihouse in Santa Monica. I'll keep my mask off.

This is all because I've been vaccinated. It's a choice, just like free riding is a choice. Do it or not.
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