Is Morrissey's career as we know it (1982-2014) basically over?

Is Morrissey's career as we know it (1982-2014) basically over?

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Especially after this recent tour, I stand by my answer from months ago.


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Just thought id emerge once again and make another wonderful post 4 eveyone 2 enjoy! Yes Im 2 kind I know!
Im sorry but I had 2 delete some of the earlier posts I posted, its just they seemed 2 be full of so many ridiculoss spelling mistakes !!!! 2 such an exstent that even I couldnt understand what id wrote!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! havent a clue!!!!!!!! :(
They had to go!
Mind u a few glasses of red might not of helped matters!!!

But the day kisteenYoung was not morrissey,s support act anymore and was replaced by anna calvi was the begining of the end!

A very tragic tragedy! :(

Kristeen is absoulty incredible live in concert!
And morrisseys not 2 bad live in concert either ! LOL

However at every ending there is a new begining! :)

Ive a loverly feeling however that weve not heard the last of a wonderfull renunion between morrissey and kristeenYoung ! LOL
We look forward 2 it!
Saves having to pay seperatly to see these 2 incredible stars live in concert !

Kristeen is more than a singer, shes a star, a star shining brighter than all the rest!!!!

But anyways 2 address the topic question directly, the answer is no, its not over by any stretch of the imagination! , its only the begining!!!!!!! !!!!

And as we speack , moz is in fact coming 2 the uk!!!!!!!! WONDERFULL NEWS !!

But no mention of kristeenYoung!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(

Perhaps kristeen will come to the uk to do a few sell out tours! ?
Oh and bring patti smith with you 2 open up with a 45 min set first please!
Thank you kindly!
Anyways I will be back to the forum very soon, I have 2 ssort sorthing out in the mean time ! bbfn :)
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