Joy Division ‘+-’ limited-edition box set to collect 10 remastered 7-inch singles

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The U.K. arm of Rhino Records next month will celebrate the life and music of iconic Joy Division frontman Ian Curtis — who took his own life 30 years ago this past May — with a new limited-edition box set collecting 10 newly remastered 7-inch singles by the classic postpunk act. Dubbed +- (plus minus), the set will be released Dec. 6 and features 21 songs spread over 10 45s, collected “in a beautiful clamshell box” designed by Factory Records co-founder Peter Saville. The music itself is newly remastered from the original tapes by drummer Stephen Morris and Frank Arkwright of Metropolis Studios; anyone who buys the vinyl also will receive “all the tracks in hi quality MP3 format.”
Journalist Jon Savage selected the tracks, and given the fact that Joy Division only released a handful of singles — including non-album favorites “Love Will Tear Us Apart” and “Atmosphere” — during its short career, some of these “have been created specifically for this release” using previously released songs (see full tracklist below).
The box sets are limited to 5,000 copies, and are individually numbered. Furthermore, the first 500 are being sold as “super deluxe” versions, each featuring a limited edition Saville “art piece” and two CDs containing all of the tracks featured on the 7-inches.
See tracklist for Joy Division’s ‘+-’ after the jump…


Tracklist: Joy Division, +-
A. “Warsaw”
B. “Leaders Of Men”

A: “‘No Love Lost”
B: “Failures”

A: “Digital”
B: “Glass”

A: “Autosuggestion”
B: “From Safety To Where”

A: “Transmission”
B: “Novelty”

A: “Atmosphere”
B: “Dead Souls”

A: “Komakino”
B1: “Incubation”
B2: “As You Said”

A: “Love Will Tear Us Apart”
B: “These Days”

A: “She’s Lost Control” (12-inch Version)
B: “Love Will Tear Us Apart 2″ (Pennine Version)

A: “Isolation”
B: “Heart and Soul”



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very expensive, and Joy Division catalogue is battered like no other.


True, the're seriously raked over!! I'm contented with the H&S collection and all the deluxe remasters. No need to add more.


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very expensive, and Joy Division catalogue is battered like no other.

You are obviously forgetting about this website's namesake.
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