List of Own Albums Morrissey's Most Proud Of

Be interesting to see how soon the sheep come out in support of Years of refusal and claim The queen is dead is over-rated...

They're the ones he's proudest of, he doesn't say they're his best. Maybe referring to other stuff going on in his life at the time which caused these albums to mean more to him.


The Smiths work seems very far away. Well maybe just human as it is in the past although many of us rate his Smiths stuff very highly as some of us were young...

Here's my top 5:

1. The Smiths
2. The Queen is Dead
3. Vauxhall
4. Strangeways
5. Rank

Very contoversial indeed...


It's another missed opportunity because he doesn't give us the reason for choosing these.

I take the list as his state of mind of December 2011.


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Everyone knows that Vauxhall and I is the real #1. Mentioning YOR, ROTT, and YATQ, although great albums, are all just Morrissey blowing smoke up our asses.


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I love his obsession with lists. Of course he's going to put his latest work at the top - to write otherwise would make his new work seem pointless - but I don't believe for one minute that he really thinks Tormentors is better than Strangeways. :squiffy:
Let's analyze those of which (he is) most proud

There's a story here, let's analyze it:

1 Years of refusal (2009) #3 UK, #11 US

[Obviously, Morrissey will always be most proud of his most recent release, this is nothing new and is something he's done throughout his entire career - whatever new album is out, those are his current favorite songs. Whether they actually are or not, maybe we'll never know.]

2 Ringleader of the tormentors (2006) #1 UK, #27 US

[This is an odd choice for number two, but in the wake of the comeback, I would imagine he felt "whole" again, so he may have put a lot of himself in this one. Also, I heard this album was "for the fans" but, I really don't see how. What's key here is perhaps his possible "sexual" revelation? I don't know. This album should've been great, but it wasn't. It was still quite good though.]

3 You are the quarry (2004) #2 UK, #11 US

[Of course! The comeback. This is a very good album, Morrissey's best in his later years. This album was great for seeing Morrissey fight back rather than come...back. I don't consider it a comeback, really, as he never really left!]

4 Vauxhall and I (1994) #1 UK, #18 US

[This gem, in my opinion, is the best of Morrissey. It triumphs over any Smiths album and really, should be #1. This is Morrissey (and musicians) in their complete top form. Nothing can beat this album as it is perfect. My opinion, of course.]

5 Strangeways, here we come (1987) #2 UK, #55 US

[I agree with Morrissey and Marr on this, Strangeways is the best of The Smiths in every way. Of course, better than The Queen Is Dead, by far. The reason why The Smiths break-up was so very tragic was because of this album. The direction they were going would've surpassed any Morrissey solo album, but alas, we will never know. This might rank high in Morrissey's mind because this album is the final nail in the coffin for The Smiths, which perhaps makes him happy as it was something, perhaps, he secretly wanted? We'll never know.]

6 Rank (1988) #2 UK, #77 US

[Rank is truly remarkable. It's an album that shatters the studio albums because it encapsulates everything that The Smiths, Morrissey, their songwriting, their performance, their brilliance, the experience, their mystery/mystique are really all about. This album is the definitive beacon of what THEY, HE, is/was all about. You can't listen to this and not get excited and want to go to a show. Just perfect. It's also worthy of noting that without Craig Gannon, this album doesn't sound as good. And a little trivia, it's the only Smiths album that Johnny, credit and money-wise, gets a little more than everyone else. Morrissey's love for Marr endures, which is sweet.]

7 Louder than bombs (1987) #38 UK, #62 US

[This album, some might say, is primarily responsible for Morrissey's popularity in America. Many Americans site this album as one that one must own along with having a great list of tracks, a great slice and viewfinder into The Smiths. Before The Best I and II, this would probably be the album you'd listen to first, if to be introduced to The Smiths.]

8 Bona drag (1990) #9 UK, #59 US

[Bona Drag is great. It's better than Viva Hate by a long shot. Morrissey was going in a very interesting direction, but I'm glad he moved away from it. By the time Your Arsenal rolls around, Morrissey becomes really raw and something you can sink your teeth into. But this album states that even to this day, Stephen Street is sorely missed.]

9 Southpaw grammar (1995) #4 UK, #66 US

[I was so disappointed with this album at first. Still am in some ways. But the album IS better than say, Maladjusted and Kill Uncle. The songwriting is good, the prog rock sound is easily forgettable. It bothers me most because you really fall in love with Morrissey on Vauxhall and then Southpaw comes out and it's a shock to the system, kinda like jumping into the arctic ocean in the middle of JANUARY. But, as time goes on this album really is good, but it has to grow on you. I have no problem with it being in the top ten.]

10 Your arsenal (1992) #4 UK, #21 US ...

[I consider Arsenal weak, in that, I can't listen to it over and over, but the album IS great. It was very dangerous in many ways. Homoerotic imagery, racist (ish?) overtones, introduced by a very green band, it's perfect in some ways. It might mean a lot to Morrissey as the "gang" mentality was restored and I think Morrissey finally felt safe again while before he was in some sort slutty abyss.]


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Re: Let's analyze those of which (he is) most proud

I think the cover art is equally as interesting as the content, I appreciate that he included that in his list.
Re: Let's analyze those of which (he is) most proud

let me get this straight..

He lists a ho-hum, incomplete live album at number 6 when there are far superior live Smiths bootlegs circulating

and then lists Southpaw Grammar later in the top 10 with no mention of Viva Hate whatsoever?

You can love Morrissey without disregarding your own bullshit detector; It's okay to have a disagreement once in a while (I am speaking to the Church of Morrissey members in case it was not clear).

Morrissey loves to essentially "pimp out" his recent releases as much as he likes to pretend his critical flops never happened and are entirely someone else's fault.

Similarly, Mozzombies like to lap up the saliva shed in his rhetoric like Communion wine... It helps to simply ignore the machines. Frankly, I think the "NEVER QUESTION MORRISSEY" stance of some individuals is both disconcerting, very embarrassing and, in a rather complex and hard-to-explain sort of way, even a bit disrespectful to the man himself...

It's rare that I listen to post-90's Morrissey... Yet I am really love, love, loving Years Of Refusal at the moment. I think Morrissey's crazy, annoying fans do more damage to my appreciation of Morrissey than Morrissey ever could... It's easy to get into him when I just try to pretend they don't exist.


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I'll avoid the urge to put together my own list of albums I think he should be most proud of... anyone for 'Singles', 'The Very Best of the Smiths' or 'The Very Best of Morrissey'?

But, to me, it is interesting to see that he is most proud of the 1990 Bona Drag and not the 2010 version that he asked us all to buy again last year...



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Is morrissey TROLLING us????

How is The Queen Is Dead NOT on that list?

Because he knows that's already widely regarded as a masterpiece?

I still think 1991-1995 ("Pregnant for the Last Time" thru "Sunny") was his best era, though. The Smiths were great, but I don't listen to that stuff nearly as much. "Meat Is Murder" is probably my fave of The Smiths.


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List of Albums Morrissey Fans Are Most Proud Of

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Where will it end?
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