Live at the Hollywood Bowl DVD


Reckless Endangerment
okok.. so lets hope morryssey will find a way to release this byself.. with his recordcompany

He doesn't have a record company.
He didn't have any hand in the composition of the project, so he doesn't want it going out without his input.
It is doubtful that he will ever see any creative control over the project, as it will be three years on from the concert next year, and he will most likely be geared toward accomplishing new things. We can only hope that he will one day sanction another live DVD from another gig.


set the record straight

What will happen now with Morrissey? I wish he doesn't stay so many years with no record label as happened between 97/04. To be honest he shouldn't never have left Sanctuary

Morrissey wasn't responsible for shutting down Sanctuary.

Morrissey's one of the artists who had to find another recording contract.
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