Official YouTube "Live In Dallas" Starplex Amphitheatre 1991 premieres 05/15/2020; two more forthcoming according to Rhino

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As per the Rhino newsletter today:

It may all end tomorrow
Or it could go on forever
The Mozzer's got something to make you smile, mate! He's loading up his official YouTube channel with three concerts. Check out the lineup below (and don't forget to wish him an unhappy birthday on the 22nd).​
Friday 15th May - Live In Dallas (Dallas Starplex Amphitheatre, June 17, 1991)
Friday 22nd May - Live At The Shoreline Amphitheatre (Mountain View, CA, USA, October 31st, 1991)
Friday 29th May - Introducing Morrissey (Recorded at Sheffield’s City Hall & Blackpool’s Winter Gardens, February 7/8, 1995)​
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quite enjoyed that till the mayhem at the end.bozz doing his performance art at 23.10,he exits his stage left and appears stage right.wonder if bozz watches these and thinks i used up so much energy and still put on weight.
Yeah that mayhem at the end is cringeworthy.


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Nothing Morrissey did. Peter missed one too many questions on Mastermind. He blames Morrissey and hates him because of it. :rolleyes: What a racist this Skinny. :grin:

Yes imagine his self loathing. All those years worshiping his idol that let him down. The wasted years. No one can give Skinny those wasted years back. And so every day he spews his self hatred and self loathing onto this website. He sees racism everywhere like Lady Macbeth trying to rub the blood off her hands. As if all the bile and hatred directed at his former idol will give him those wasted years back. But it won't. And every day his self loathing grows and festers...

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