London O2 on DIME


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O2 Arena, Greenwich, London
29th November 2014

This is my recording
Level 1 Left
Olympus LS10 16 bit>adobe audition>cd wave
>traders little helper>flac level 8
recorder __rimbaud__

While I would usually body swerve anything at the aircraft hangar that is the O2
it was heartening to see a near sell out 18,000 crowd sending their love and adulation to Morrissey.
That he managed to achieve moments of real intimacy in such circumstances was testament
to his enduring charm, showmanship and rich baritone (as powerful as it's ever been)
With half the set culled from the latest album, he once again emphasised that he is no nostalgia act.

"Trouble Loves Me" was a highlight and could well be Moz's signature tune
"Meat Is Murder" both heard him at his most impassioned, and best showcased his fantastic, much maligned band.
While there were no thoughts throughout the main set that this could be the last time he performs on a British stage
his pronouncement before "Asleep" to "Remember me, forget my fate" profoundly brought that very real possibility
into my mind..

The Queen Is Dead
Staircase At The University
World Peace Is None Of Your Business
Kiss Me A Lot
I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris
Smiler With Knife
The Bullfighter Dies
Trouble Loves Me
Earth Is The Loneliest Planet
Neal Cassady Drops Dead
Meat Is Murder
Kick The Bride Down The Aisle
I'm Not A Man
Everyday Is Like Sunday

Morrissey—Lead Vocals
Boz Boorer—Guitar
Jesse Tobias—Guitar
Matt Walker—Drums
Mando Lopez—Bass
Gustavo Manzur—Keyboards, Accordion & Percussion

Viva Mozza

You're the one for me
Thanks a lot for this!!!


we're really just alone
Excellent work, sounds great, many thanks...
Re the criticism of the band elsewhere, this recording seems to strike a decent balance and you get a good sound across the stage.
On the night itself, it wasn't quite as easy on the ear mind you (I'm referring to pre-Jesse material being performed), but everything post Jesse is fine with me, considering he's writing plenty of the material, he can bloomin' well play whatever he wants.
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