Morrissey Blackjack table

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I'll tell you whats cold. The pacific ocean is cold. I don't like it!
I reckon the middle of summer is when it is the warmest and it still feels cold and we are even having abnormally high water temps this year. I reckon don't even think about going in the water starting in November without a wet suit. I reckon when California Son surfs in the winter he wears O'Neill wet suits. So if you want to be like California Son, buy O'Neill. You can buy an O'Neill "spring suit" for the summer inn n n n nnn nn nnnn n n n it.


Some overweight, past his prime “greaser”, drunk off piss beer he brought all the way from L.A. to his shit off the strip motel, will try to steal this table after Moz says goodbye to life in Caesar’s Coliseum.


Shilling for the seats of Vegas
Shilling for the seats of buffet-land
I wonder to myself…

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