Morrissey with a fan today - @echoguitarist / Instagram

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Morrissey looks really nice.What a lucky lady!! His Bruce Lee tee is pretty cool too.


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nice t shirt iv got one very similar.well done on the girls part she looks really pleased.


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Me reckon can't figure that out at all. From the look of the chick, I'm going with West Hollywood or Encino. She looks like the checker that works at the Calabasas Costco that lets Uncle Steve and lil' Sammy cut in line.

The badge on his lapel is a drawing of James Baldwin that I gave him for
his birthday (among other things) in 2014.
I'm surprised he still has it, but very happy he likes and wears it.....


rip roaring,free scoring,never boring, celtic.
could be corridor in a hotel with the fire alarm to their right.suppose it could be anywhere.

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