Morrisseys only good album has been Viva Hate


“Anonymous call, a poison pen, a brick in the small of the back again, I just don’t belong. To anyone. I am mine.”


This thread is bollocks. Any True Fan knows that the only good album Morrissey did was The Smiths debut (the unreleased Troy Tate version). Everything after that was shite.


Von der Hand, in den Mund
It's his only great album but others are pretty good.
The songs are so sharp and melodic, and brilliantly arranged.
Never understood why Vauxhall commonly considered his best.
Yes, some great songs on it but several bland so-so songs like Hated for Loving, Spring Heeled Jim and the silly one about the sunbathers.

I for one consider Vauxhall and I simply brilliant; a (much) more mature work when compared with Viva Hate. Hated for Loving and Lazy Sunbathers are musically unremarkable. As for Spring-Heeled Jim, along with Speedway, I consider them to be the strongest songs from Vauxhall and I,
throbbing with menace and pace, perfectly suited to Lillywhite’s shimmer and the stalking riffs of Whyte and Boorer.
My humble 2 cents on why a majority of fans consider Vauxhall and I his best work whereas Viva Hate maybe his most autobiographical, contemplative album but musically and lyrically less solid.


I think the best albums of Moz aré

Viva Hate #1
Vauxhall #1
Ringleader #1

And thats all

P.s. f*** you all
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