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On Comcast On demand, under music, live concert, there is Moz on Jools Holland. The performances are from 1990's to 2004:)


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Thanks for the heads up!! I will check it out when I get home, how cool!!


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Just watched it! Great stuff! :thumb:


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I watched it last night and was not disappointed!! I loved seeing Moz singing from "Your Arsenal" again. Brought back great memories! :) :) :) :) :) :)

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I've watched up until the end of "The Youngest Was the most Loved." (which, by the way, I feel is an awesome, underrated song)

Fun seeing the group through the years - Moz and Boz aging, Gary coming and going, bad 1995 suits, Alain's rock star face during "there is a light," hearing again how good the 2006 line-up was.... fun stuff!

I think that particular version of "You Have Killed Me" is awesome.

For me, the most uninteresting songs of the bunch are the the Quarry songs. Maybe I'm just bored of them, but honestly.... Do we really need to hear Irish Blood, Let Me Kiss You, and First of the Gang in concert FOREVER?

Looking forward to the remaining 13 minutes.... I assume one more from 2006 and then 2 from 2008?
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Is it just me or will this not work because I am trying to play the video from the U.K and it's an american website? Or am I doing something wrong :o


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Re: Moz On Demand - DirecTV

Just to let everyone know, the same content from can be accessed if you have DirecTV. Your receiver will need to be networked to the internet, then simply access the DirecTV On Demand. Download the content and then you can watch it on your receiver anytime. FYI - The show is not in high definition even if you have an HD receiver.

There is 50 minutes of "Later with Jools Holland" live footage. The tracks are: Certain People I Know, Suedehead, The Boy Racer, Sunny, Irish Blood English Heart, The First of the Gang to Die, Let Me Kiss You, There is a Light That Never Goes Out, You Have Killed Me, The Youngest Was Most Loved, and I Just Want to See the Boy Happy.
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