Mporium (UK & US) new pre-order shirts available





These new additions/variants are not showing on the US site currently.
Due to ship May 10th.

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The Courage to Get on People's Tits
How can you spot these things!! It's so tiny.

I think I already noticed it that night?
I don't know. I'm obsessed with details. 🤷🏻‍♀️

I also love Johnny Cash and thought it was a great reference to him.


its not me its you.
Bought the black one at Wembley last year. It was stolen by a Scottish swine, along with my two posters (which I may have mentioned before)
Perhaps you'd be better off contacting your local adult literacy centre?
i did,they were closed to the public,the home for the blind had a session booked,teacher called hector was taking the class,great guy.

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