Pat Reid Dunce Directive Bigmouth 1983:1993 + Morrissey matchbox


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If anyone is looking to enhance their collection and doesn't yet possess a copy of the 32-page booklet Pat Reid - Bigmouth 1983:1993 (Dunce Directive) plus the accompanying Morrissey matchbox, I was intending to list these items on ebay tonight. Thought I'd pop along here first to gauge interest/offers. Pics to be uploaded later but both are pretty much as they were when I got them 20 years ago and have been stored in the original wrapper. Ne'er a match has been struck!

Ok, the book is a pile of tosh but the matchbox is simply fabulous :D


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Very sorry not to get them on yet, sick child has prevented me doing much. Just tried now via phone but can't make it work so will aim to do it over weekend.


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here's photo of one the three Pat Reid matchboxes I possess:
bigmouth matchbox memorabilia morrissey
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