Pix from the 2012 L.A. SMITHS/MORRISSEY Convention


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Re: Pix from the 2012 L.A. SMITHS/MORRISSEY Convention!!

Great pix Jay.

onto the event.

i went to this event with an open mind and although the music was splendid, everything else, for me, was blah...
same old things being sold with terrible to ok prices. i have been going to these conventions since the late 90s, from the pasadena days to the various hollywood locations. and i also had a booth several times.
now i am not badmouthing the venders/organizers as they have to make their $$$, but this event just seemed like the same old boring thing.
seeing old friends and listening to the lovely tunes made the night go by well, but unfortunately, this was the last 'convention' for me...
thanks guys for the memories...
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