Probably my favorite Moz concert moment - Forest Hills 2019


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After Moz finishes the vocals, the crowd erupts. Watch Moz at 3:22 look around and behind, wondering what's all this commotion about? He says "what?" a few times, possibly in jest, but seemingly confused. It's a really special moment.



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But oh what a horrendous outfit he wears!


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Still an incredible song but he's right, time is cruel.


I was there. Was a fantastic moment definitely a highlight. I ended up getting kicked out during HSIN for trying to get on stage. Security were very kind enough to let me get merch before escorting me out of the venue though.


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The song / words clearly have a personal meaning to him again, and that's when he delivers most powerfully.
Stunning, thanks for sharing.


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This is really just a shout-out to the Doc, by way of gratitude.

I am currently watching your Forest Hills full concert footage in the living room here. It is absolutely fantastic; I'd dipped in and out of it previously, but it really is fantastic in its entirety.

My mum died unexpectedly at 68 years old of a heart attack on March 29th (the police came here at 3am to wake me and my girlfriend to tell us), and driving to the (five-person-only-coronavirus) funeral on April 9th, I played Love is on its way Out and Once I Saw the River Clean as consolation. To cut it short-ish this was a bad move, and I had been largely unable to listen to Moz since (especially the new record).

But tonight, with the aid of a fine Barolo, I dared search out one of Doc's videos. It is utterly fantastic. Seasick yet still Docked right now, as I type, from Forest Hills.

We have briefly communicated before, Doc, on here as regards our shared Moz/Springsteen passions. These two artists do, truly, share more than perhaps either would be willing to admit, in terms of emotional intensity.

I just wish to thank you for this video and look forward to the moment you describe in the initial post here.

It may also interest you to note that I re-watched every episode of Curb over the last five or six weeks; some of which I hadn't seen in over fifteen years.

Thanks again, Doc.

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Still love this moment. Moz, the audience, and the band just *know* they've nailed it as the final moments of the song draw to a close. Watching it now. Bonus: Never Again will I be a Twin follows.

Thanks again, Doc.

P.S. What did you think of Letter to You? Janey Needs a Shooter officially released at last. Unbelievable.
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