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How come Johnny Marr kept "This Charming Man" on "The Smiths" included in the complete box set, but removed "How Soon Is Now" off "Meat Is Murder"? Was there a reason? Maybe he wanted to stay faithful to the UK releases....?


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The original version of This Charming Man isnt available on any of the Lps (only the Peel session version on Hatful of Hollow), whereas How Soon Is Now appears on Hatful of Hollow aswell. Removing TCM from the debut lp would mean it wouldnt appear on the boxset at all (if this makes sense :confused:)

I could be wrong though.


Yeah I understand, that would make sense because the Peel Session version of This Charming Man is played differently with different effects and How Soon Is Now was always played the I'm guessing there is no other reason apart from that obvious theory.

I just listened to "Is It Really So Strange?" on Louder Than Bombs remastered and it sounds differnet....I dunno, the guitar work somehow sounds fuller and better! I think Johnny Marr has done a cracking great job at the remastering. Take the whole debut album for example, christ it sounds amazing!
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Marr did a bang-up job on the mastering indeed

but whoever is responsible for the packaging of Complete needs to have his ass kicked several times over.

The liner notes are weak and contain nothing from Simon Goddard,

The singles mp3 downloads are a pain in the ass to sort after you unzip them, and many of them are just lifted from Sound of the Smiths and only 192 kbps, not the 320 kbps you're promised in the packaging

The boxset fails to come with a magnifying glass for when you attempt to read the painfully small lyric sheets included with the cd wallets

The Complete Picture is missing a video

The poster is not a poster of the artwork as stated in the packaging, but a poster of the black and white cover of Complete itself

again, JM did an ace job with the remastering.

But the people who assembled it are a bunch of f***ing idiots, and it shows
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