South America complete tour dates -

South America complete -

13 June 2013

South America complete

Morrissey is confirmed to play the following shows:

Tuesday July 9
Lima, PERU (Jockey Club) 3,000
Wednesday July 10
Lima, PERU (Jockey Club) 3,000

Monday July 15
Vina del Mar, CHILE (Sporting Club)
Tuesday July 16
Rancagua, CHILE (Monticello Grand Casino)
Thursday July 18
Puerto Montt, CHILE (Arena) 4,000
Friday July 19
Concepcion, CHILE (Gimnasio Municipal) 4,000
Monday July 22
Santiago, CHILE (Teatro la Cupula) 3,000
Tuesday July 23
Santiago, CHILE (Teatro la Cupula) 3,000
Thursday July 25
Santiago, CHILE (Amanda Club) private event
Friday July 26
Santiago, CHILE (Movistar Arena) 12,000, free concert

Sunday July 28
Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA (Tecnopolis) 13,000

Tuesday Jul 30
Sao Paulo, BRAZIL (Credicard Hall) 7,000
Friday August 2
Brasilia, BRAZIL (Espaco Iguatemi) 6,000
Sunday August 4
Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL (Citibank Hall) 7,000

Kristeen Young will support at all shows.


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Why apologize? Truth is truth. If she ever made it to MTV or Fuse her music would still be horrible. How would that change anything?

Look...I love Morrissey, but I do not share the enthusiasm he has for Kristeen Young. I think she's a bore and I wish he'd drop her into space. I don't know what he sees in her - his musical taste is much better than that...but it's his show (yes, his not theirs) Since he's insisted on having Kristeen "woe is me" Young open for him for the past, what, seven years now, and obviously hasn't any plans on changing that anytime soon, I will wait until her set is done to enter the building. Even if that means no front row for me.

It saddens me to say this, but sometimes I really do think he likes to see us suffer. He knows over half his fans would like to see a new opening band. Blah :( Sorry.

No need to apologize. I agree with you about this. I too thought Morrissey had better taste in music but we all have a weakness and KY (I always think of the lube when I type this) must be his weakness or he owes TV big time and Kristeen is his payback. I don't get why he is so enamored with her, but what ever. I don't find her pleasing on ANY level and I too come in after her set (thank god its short) to find my seat.


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I don't want to see Kristeen go based on the fact that we like/dislike her. At this point, that's becoming irrelevant. I am eager to see and hear more of Moz's scouting out of new music and what he thinks is relevant in new talent. Maybe he's not found any other young band that he thinks worthy of his ultimate praise (opening for him). Ultimately it's his decision, and as long as he continues to tour, I am just thankful.


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I like Kristeen Young! I think many of her songs are very good, her lyrics are often intriguing. For me she was an acquired taste, I endured a few of her sets before I enjoyed them I must admit. But now, I quite like her.

Still, I too find it odd that she seems to be Moz's permanent "touring partner". I liked it when he was scouting out new acts to bring along.

But in the end, it's all about Morrissey! I am so grateful that he carries on...I can't way to see him again!!


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What about Mexico?

Yeah, really! It's frustrating that he never mentioned skipping mexico! Moz also never made a statement about not making up the cancelled US dates. I get that he probably has legitimate reasons, but it's always nicer to hear it from him!

But regardless, I imagine he plans to get back to the US and Mexico soon (late 2013, early 2014??).

Sal Kramer

Uh oh, riots & unrest in Brazil! How long until we get the word that Morrissey is cancelling the Brazil dates...?
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