Strange/unexpected Moz references?


The Courage to Get on People's Tits
í will see your Patti. And raise you a Jimmy...?

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Forever lassoing himself with his own whip mic...


Very nice! Moz had the cuter belly though...

Don't think this was a coincidence either...


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📷 = Dan Howorth via a Morrissey FB group:


"Used To Be A Sweet Boy - Original Spago Restaurant off Sunset - circa ‘91 - the maitre d’ was a major “D” but of course the legend allowed the photo 🎶"


The Courage to Get on People's Tits
Lyric reference in the caption...


joe frady

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Don't remember seeing this before, and í'm pretty sure that í would, as it's written by my most favourite magazine writer, formerly of 'Smash Hits ', 'The Face ', 'Details ', 'Rolling Stone ' and now 'GQ ' {US} ~ Chris Heath.
Sadly, or happily, he never got to properly interview Morrissey {yet}, think he may have done a wee gobbet in ver 'Hits' back in the day. He is/was a fan. Wrote an interesting review of 'Autobiography '. But a close encounter with Prime Moz would have been the stuff of {my} dreams.

Anyway, this is a piece about The Smiths & fashion. And no, í don't remember what the hell 'normcore' was either...

ps ~ Never seen this shot before {1984?}

The Smiths 1984.jpg

Has more than a hint of 'Mr Morrissey ~ the newly-arrived student geography teacher ~ has unexpectedly been left in charge of the Remedial Class Outing. Seen here having pots of fun with Jolly Johnny, Thick Mick & Handy Andy'...?

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