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Hello all,

I have a very rare promotional Morrissey 7’’ for sale, originally issued alongside the 2011 remaster of Glamorous Glue. There were only 150 ever made and I’ve yet to see another one for sale anywhere, so it’s an extremely rare Morrissey item. Mine came from a completely genuine source from within the industry and it is un-played and in mint condition. For those who are interested, the link to the ebay auction is here:


The 7'' comes in a special card sleeve with a nice looking 'retro' design on the rear, tracklisting is below, the B side is an old Vince Eager track which I'm told was a tongue in cheek selection by Morrissey himself.


A: Morrissey - Glamorous Glue (2011 remaster)
B: Vince Eager - The World's Loneliest Man


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Re: Wow...just wow!

Think I've only seen 3 for sale on ebay, they just don't seem to come up for sale.
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