Swedish newspaper speculates why Morrissey was in Gothenburg, mentions Solo and death of Urban



Local Gothenburg newspaper GP, Göteborgsposten, and its reporter Daniel Claeson, tried to figure out the reason behind Morrissey choosing Gothenburg in Sweden of all places for his recent book signing. Daniel contacted author and dramatician Peter Birro from Gothenburg who is writing a drama about the Gothenburg indie scene in the early 90's to ask if it was him that made Morrissey come here.

The answer from Peter Birro if he had something to do with it was a short "we can but dream". Daniel also writes about rumours about Morrissey being in Sweden for a tribute gig for a diseased fan which has been mentioned in another thread before. He was seen in various restaurants and hotel bars but still no one knows if he came to Gothenburg for the book signing only or if the place was chosen because he had other things planned at the same location.

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