Morrissey Central "THE BOYS IN THE BAND" (July 19, 2021)

The Morrissey Band line-up for the 5 upcoming Vegas concerts is

Jesse Tobias, guitar

Alain Whyte, guitar

Solomon Walker, bass

Gustavo Manzur, keyboards

Brendan Buckley, the drums


Morrissey photographed in Las Vegas, 2004, by Linder Sterling.


Ben Budd

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Looking forward to Alain looking up the chords to "If You Don't Like Me, Don't Look At Me" and wondering if it's too late to contract COVID-19.


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I've said something similar before but this a clear road map for Johnny Marr. Alain contact Morrissey without ego. He said he regretted how they'd partied ways. Told Morrissey that he remains the greatest lyricist and collaborator and that he'd love to work with him again. Morrissey suggested he submit some demos and then based on the quaity of those demos he offered him the opportunity to join his current band.
And when was the last time that Johnny said something nice about Morrissey’s qualities as a lyricist or singer in public? I believe it wasn’t in recent interviews.
Johnny has been prepared to join existing bands in the past. If Johnny was able to put his ego to one side he could do the same as Alain.
You could argue the same about Morrissey, that he should put his ego on the side, but your point is well taken. I think that Johnny is too concerned that doing anything with Morrissey again will hurt his own caree.


It's all good
And when was the last time that Johnny said something nice about Morrissey’s qualities as a lyricist or singer in public? I believe it wasn’t in recent interviews.
I believe he literally did just this in the last interview, the one with Simon Armitage a couple of weeks ago. You can go back and listen for yourself on the BBC website.


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He's insulted Alain and Johnny online. A bit embarrassing from a man who'll be second fiddle to them both forever and a day, and knows it.
But Jesse enjoys Morrissey’s grace and protection’ he can’t do wrong.
Look hos often they are seen hanging out together.

AKA Foster88

I don't think Johnny feels his views are repugnant. I think its more of an image thing. He was out with Bernard from New Order once and they were saying how "Toxic" M has become so its more they don't want to have guilt by association, than actually hating his views.

I think if you spoke to a lot of British indie people, you would find lots probably have far worse opinions than M. It's just M shouts his gob off.
When you say , it "looks awful", you mean to the lefty British press and the left USA lefty media. It doesn't look awful to anyone else.
I think you will find when the dust settles, M will come out looking far better than the silent cowards who said the right things while their country burned.
The main, and prob ONLY. truly right-wing ideals M hold are immigration and British culture but that has always been conservative. The only reason the rest of his ideas would seem right-wing would be because the left-wing has gone further left.
In many ways. M was 80s "woke" but culture has caught up with him and gone further .. Lots are now vegan and we now have more than 4 genders. Personally, I would agree culture has now gone way too far . Hes right about immigration well.

I used to believe what the press said about Farage but I was wrong. Nigel is actually, not as bad as I thought. He was correct about the rubber boats coming over to England illegally,he actually saved the lives of two illegals drowning.
Farage was also right about the number of hotels in England that are given over to illegals. So, they get hotels while actual Brits go homeless. Its a scandal. Regarding For Britain, as I think you know, the only reason M supports them is for Immigration and animal rights. He doesn't hate all Muslims. He dislikes extreme Muslims trying to make their own laws in the UK . And prob isn't happy that the government and local councils look the other way . Whats the harm in this you say? Women being treated like crap. most often young white women.
As for Tommy, he's not racist, he's chancer - but so are lots in politics M didn't show him any support beyond saying it seems he is being treated unfairly. A view , even some on the left agree with.

At least this is my opinion
more than an opinion, it's facts mate. Well said.

The Wild Turkey

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I wonder how Alain's going to react to discovering that Morrissey chooses how to dress the band these days, and he'll have to wear a T-shirt with some dumb slogan on it? Times have changed since he was last in the band - no space to be an individual now.

They're gonna let Al go to the gift shop
and pick out his own t-shirt.
He can choose whichever one he wishes.


Forever Ill
All I did was ask you a question, because I genuinely wanted to hear your opinion on it. I think you may have misinterpreted me.

I'll ask again. Do you think they are out for good?

Doubt about Boz, Matt and Mando are musicians who work for money, no matter for who, so I don't thinks so. Hope Jesse get kicked out, never a good feeling about Him, so if he's gone, Boz comes back I hope, but it depends on a record deal, and touring, lots of countries are not safe for gigs. It's gonna be a time no one can say anything for sure it's on. My country the Netherlands , the lockdown went of June 26, now we have skyhigh positive test results of COVID-19...We don't know if next week all goes back on hold. My apologies Marred.

Johnnie Ray

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So is Bruce Springsteen and Ron Meal , they both look younger than M .
Im not having a go at hm. His face is as mean as the alcohol has been
Good point. Bruce was born in 1949, Mael 1945. Whenever I think of Springsteen, I always add 10 years and think this is where Morrissey should be in his career, example: Born to Run 1975, Morrissey 1985 Meat is Murder. Bottom line: Morrissey looks much older than his age, where he used to look great/younger than his age.


Wonder how many of the guys thought it was just to early to play a show due to COVID. I could see boz thinking this but I don’t know what the other guys think of the situation

Ben Budd

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I do not dislike Jesse as much as others do on here, I think he is a good enough guitar player and his songwriting has improved, and as someone who has no interest in going to a gig again, it doesn't bother me who is on lead/rhythm etc. However, these revelations that he has been so rude and vile to Alain/Johnny is just disappointing. This does make me think Morrissey would do well to move him along.

Anyone got Lil Barrie's number?


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Great to see Alain back. I can see him stepping in more regularly for Boz, especially on the American tours. I don’t think Boz would miss these long tours at this point. In all honesty,

One can only hope that the new lineup will lead to a shake-up of the setlist. Without Boz and his clarine, perhaps no more Throwing my arms around Paris?

In all honesty, I only have good words for Boz and all he has done with and for Morrissey over the years. And the same goes for Matt (his best drummer).

Don’t expect the end of the Mexican flavours as Gustavo is still there.

Phranc & Open

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I've secretly been hoping for a band shake up in the Moz camp and it sounds like he's been hoping for one too by the sounds of that recent interview.
It's like the Mount Everest taking a small sidestep.


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very interesting indeed. how will it work with two guitarists that are both considered 'leads' and neither who are really a 'rhythm' guitarist? will be very interesting to see who is playing the leads/solos and who will be relegated to the background....

Ketamine Sun

But isn't it just nice to for once give some spotlight to his band too? Morrissey doesn't always do that.

Yes, but, there have been many shows that he has introduced/acknowledged his band. And in interviews he has also.

I think it’s more to due with him spotlighting the change and that he has chosen this change. Of course we don’t know the details of the circumstances that have influenced him to make these choices.

Maybe and more bizarrely he may think or hope that the music media
would actually be interested in this musical aspect of his statement.But they won’t, because it’s not clickbait worthy, or they are just too lazy to spin it into something that is.
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Ketamine Sun

Probably not, but musicians are quite often a bit megalomaniac and they want to be named.
And Morrissey has already a long experience with musicians.

Probably the announcement is just to please them... Which is ok.

Morrissey doesn’t go out of his way to please anyone

but me.


Ketamine Sun

very interesting indeed. how will it work with two guitarists that are both considered 'leads' and neither who are really a 'rhythm' guitarist? will be very interesting to see who is playing the leads/solos and who will be relegated to the background....

I heard it’s gonna be all solos and lead guitar riffing, even playing the melody lines so Morrissey doesn’t have to sing much.


rhythm guitar is so overrated.
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