the Dream Academy


Anyone like the Dream Academy?
one of my fav bands
i think Nick Laird Clowes is a songwriting genius
i have put together a collection of all the singles,bsides,edits,remixes,non lp tracks and some stand out tracks from each of the 3 Lps they released
a total of 46 tracks
uploading now
heres the tracklisting
Life In A Northern Town (Extended)
Test Tape No. 3
Poised On The Edge Of Forever
The Love Parade(US Radio Mix)
Girl In A Million (For Edie Sedgwick)
The Love Parade (12" Mix)
Things We Said Today
The Party (Acoustic Version)
Love Parade (Instrumental Version)
Please Please Please Let Me Get What I
please let me get what i want(instumental)
In Places On The Run
This World
One Dream
Life in A Northern Town (SNL)
in the heart
Indian Summer
Heaven - Part 1
Indian Summer (Extended Mix)
Ballad In 4/4
Indian Summer (Edit)
The Lesson Of Love
Hampstead Girl
Power To Believe
Love (7" Version)
Love (Single Remix)
the demonstration
Love (Hare Krishna Mix)
Mordechai Vanunu
Love Is Seven
Love (Dream House)
Love (Love Is 12)
Love (Love Trance)
Love (Whales In Love)
Love (Dreamsrtumental)
Twelve-Eight Angel
Immaculate Heartache
In Suspendium
Angel Of Mercy
Love (Hare Krishna Edit)
interveiw Dream academy Rock Over London
Angel Of Mercy (12/8 Mix)
Lucy September
It'll Never Happen Again
Life In A Northern Town (Reprise)

will post link as soon as finished uploading
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