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when the rock sang it as smackdown hotel was also good


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If the Sun Collection had been released as a proper album in 1954/55 then it would be his greatest album by far:

1. Thats Alright, Mama
2. I Forgot To Remember To Forget
3. Mystery Train
4. Baby Lets Play House
5. Blue Moon Of Kentucky
6. Youre Right, Im Left, Shes Gone
7. Tryin To Get To You
8. I Dont Care If The Sun Dont Shine
9. I'll Never Let You Go
10. Youre A Heartbreaker
11. Good Rockin Tonight
12. Just Because
13. Blue Moon

Other than those, there is also:
Dont Be Cruel
If I Can Dream
Suspicious Minds
I Was The One
His Latest Flame
It Hurts Me
I Just Cant Help Believin
Cant Help Falling In Love
Girl Of My Best Friend
An American Trilogy

(Going thru a little Elvis phase at the moment!)

moz'art girl

oh la la
It's now or never...:cool:


from the Ice Age to the dole age
Suspicious Minds

El Manzo

♡ mr. tender ♡
tonight's picks:
good time charlie's got the blues
don't cry daddy

& girl of mine...those 70's recordings of his are among the very few things that can touch me deeply nowadays...
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Always on my mind
(Now and then there's) a fool such as I
Suspicious minds
Jailhouse Rock


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That's the Way it Is, Live Version of
I Gotta Woman

Next, (TTWII)
(Written by the Bee-Gees)

Alternative Take from Jailhouse Rock of
Treat Me Nice
(The one where you can hear Elvis say, "One... two... one two three..." ---all as he taps away on a hateful of hallow guitar.)


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The 68 comeback special is TV Gold. Everyone should own this. Never did a man look so fine!
was his middle name 'Misery' before Morrissey was born?



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i get made fun of for liking the ordinary boys and the arctic monkeys and people on here like some fat 50s singer,haha
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1) Love Me
2) Anyway You Want Me
3) Mystery Train
4) I Want You, I Need You, I Love You
5) Guitar Man

Anything, really!
I agree with the Sun records comment earlier. If you get the chance to listen to the original vinyl, his voice sounds so beautiful, it is haunting.
Buy the 1950's box set. You won't regret it.
I was the one, the one were he giggles after the line about her breaking his leg is class!



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it is quite funny and pathetic i might add that people on here start pretending to like elvis since morrissey stated he liked him in an interview recently, you lot would eat a lump of shit if morrissey said it tasted good
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