"The Poet of Social Distancing" article about A.E. Housman (and Wilde, and Morrissey)


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Great article here by Michael Weiss about A.E. Housman, loneliness, Oscar Wilde, Tom Stoppard, suffering for your art, etc. Includes mention of Morrissey's love of Housman. And some passages from Stoppard's play that resonate...

Wilde: But the artist is the secret criminal in our midst. He is the agent of progress against authority. You are right to be a scholar. A scholar is all scruple, an artist is none. The artist must lie, cheat, deceive, be untrue to nature and contemptuous of history. I made my life into my art and it was an unqualified success. . . . I had genius, brilliancy, daring, I took charge of my own myth.

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