The Psychdelic Furs: Complete Singles, B-Sides & Rarities


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Hi, everyone

Another great band from the 80's who deserved better luck and now seem to be forgotten. I've compiled every single tracks from their 7''s, 12''s, promos and CD-Singles. After researching the Internet and my own vaults there's only one track missing as I'm concerned, a live version of "Heaven" from 1987's "All That Money Wants" 12-inch. Everything else is here for you to enjoy.

The 6-CD Collection tracklist is as follows:
THE PSYCHEDELIC FURS - The Complete Singles, B-Sides & Rarities

CD 1
1. We Love You
2. Pulse
3. Sister Europe [Single Version]
4. ****
5. Sister Europe [Album Version]
6. Mr. Jones [Single Version]
7. Susan’s Strange
8. Dumb Waiters [Single Version]
9. Dash
10. A Psychedelic Furs Commercial
11. Pretty In Pink [Original Version]
12. No Tears
13. Mack The Knife
14. Soap Commercial
15. Love My Way
16. Aeroplane
17. Goodbye [Dance Mix]
18. Aeroplane [Dance Mix]

CD 2
1. Danger
2. I Don’t Want To Be Your Shadow
3. Danger [Remix]
4. Run And Run
5. President Gas [Live]
6. Heaven
7. Heartbeat [7’’ Remix Version]
8. Heaven [Full Length Version]
9. Heartbeat [New York Remix]
10. The Ghost In You [Single Version]
11. Another Edge
12. The Ghost In You [Full Length Version]
13. Another Edge [Full Length Version]
14. Here Come Cowboys [12’’ Remix Edit Version]
15. Here Come Cowboys [Album Version]

CD 3
1. Heartbeat [The Mendelsohn Mix]
2. My Time [Edit]
3. Heaven [US Single Mix]
4. Here Come Cowboys [US Single Mix]
5. My Time
6. Heartbeat [Mendelsohn Mix][Long Version]
7. Pretty In Pink [Re-Recorded Version]
8. Pretty In Pink [Dub]
9. Love My Way [US Remix]
10. Pretty In Pink [Berlin Mix]
11. Heartbreak Beat [Single Mix]
12. New Dream
13. Heartbreak Beat [Extended Mix]
14. Heartbreak Beat [Dub]
15. Heartbreak Beat [Album Version]

CD 4
1. Angels Don’t Cry [7’’ Remix Version]
2. No Release
3. Angels Don’t Cry [New York Mix]
4. Angels Don’t Cry [Original Single Version]
5. Shock [Single Mix]
6. Shock [Shep Pettibone Mix]
7. Shock [Instrumental Shep Pettibone Mix]
8. All That Money Wants
9. Birdland
10. No Easy Street [Live]
11. Should God Forget
12. Badman
13. Shine
14. House [Remix]
15. Watchtower
16. House [Album Version]

CD 5
1. Torch [Electric]
2. House [Flashback Mix]
3. House [Full Version]
4. Until She Comes [Album Mix]
5. Make It Mine
6. Sometimes
7. Until She Comes [Single Mix]
8. Don’t Be A Girl [Album Version]
9. Don’t Be A Girl [7’’ Remix Edit]
10. Don’t Be A Girl [12’’ Extended Mix]
11. Don’t Be A Girl [Dancehall On Fire Mix]
12. Get A Room [Acoustic Version]
13. Alive [For Once In My Lifetime [Studio Single Edit]
14. Pretty In Pink [Live]
15. Pretty In Pink [Acoustic]
16. Alive [For Once In My Lifetime [Studio Version]

CD 6
1. Alice’s House [Alternative UK Version]
2. Heartbeat [Live Berkeley, CA.]
3. All Of The Law [Live Berkeley, CA.]
4. Get A Room [Live Chicago, IL.]
5. Mack The Knife [Live BBC Session]
6. Blacks / Radio [Live]
7. Soap Commercial [Live BBC Session]
8. Merry-Go-Round [UK Version]
9. Shock [Extended Mix]
10. Flowers [Demo]
11. So Run Down [Early Version]
12. All Of This And Nothing [Demo]
13. Mary Go Round
14. Love My Way [Digital Tone Mix]

The links to this collection are here:

Total size is around 1 GB.

Just enjoy and buy their albums too, they are pretty good.


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Re: THE PSYCHEDELIC FURS: Complete Singles, B-Sides & Rarities.

Hi, everyone

Another great band from the 80's who deserved better luck and now seem to be forgotten.

They're touring the U.S. right now with the Tom Tom Club.

Nice work on the compilation. Thanks.


I'm Not Sorry
thanks another amazing compilation from another great band! this will cheer me up a bit knowing r.e.m. have split up :(


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Another band who have been underserved on CD. Anyone able to re-up since the demise of Megaupload ?
Thanks, Guy.
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