The Smiths Exhibition in Italy in Feb 2014 - Help to hold it


I'm Marc Capella, 39 years-old, from Barcelona. I held the Exhibition of the Complete Collection of Original promo posters of The Smiths in Barcelona & Manchester. I have been asked now by TIALTNGO Facebook Group to get it to Milan for 3 weeks.

When: 1 Feb - 21 Feb 2014.

Viale Papiniano, 16 Milano 20123 - ITALY

What: The Exhibition includes 38 Original posters, for further information: or (I'm the admin of both sites)

Help at

The main expenses of the exhibition are nexts ones:

Shipping Costs (Send and send back): 640€
TOTAL:3 Boxes, 89 Kg.

1 Box including 14 Pictures. Box Measures:30cmX63cxmX40cm. Total Weight: 25 kg aprox
1 Box including 15 Pictures. Box Measures:33cmX63X35cm. Total Weight: 25 kg aprox.
1 Box including 9 Pictures. Box Meas.: 61cmX85cmX20cm. Total Weight: 39kg aprox.

Insurance of the exhibition in the bar: 200 €
Flight Round Trip Barcelona-Milan: 100 €

My goal is get the exhibition around the world, next July to America. However, I am not able to pay the costs of holding it from my budget anymore.

So, please help me to get it to Italy and I will be able to carry away with my plan to show it at least once in every continent!

I do appreciate your help!!!

Thank you very much!!!

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So far 310 € Raised and 15 days left to get the overall expenses! Please donate at

People who donate 20 € and coming to the first day celebration (TIALTNGO party) will be given this poster from Manchester Exhibition!

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