TTY: San Francisco International Airport, part 2

San Francisco International Airport, part 2 -
1 December 2015

Morrissey has been repeatedly asked if anything resulted from his official complaint (aided by British Airways representatives) to TSA where, on 27 July, having cleared both a complete body scan and an inspection of all of his belongings, Morrissey was then taken aside by a male TSA representative who squeezed Morrissey's penis and testicles.

Morrissey has commented:

"TSA have ignored my official and legal and constitutional complaint. From this we gather that TSA stands for Thorough Sexual Assault. If you are traveling through San Francisco International Airport you must be ready for a full sexual attack by people who claim to have your interests at heart. It is unlikely that ISIS would stoop so low".


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Ketamine Sun

I find it quite odd when people accuse Moz of being emotionless because I think the opposite is true, he's way too emotional, and THAT is the problem. He doesn't strike me as a analytical kind of guy. I suppose when he reacts to things he rather reacts emotionally than rationally. And the number of existing emotions is vast, people tend to forget that. They think it's all cuddly and fluffy but anger, for example, is an emotion too. I may be wrong and I'm sure people here will soon tell me how wrong I am with detailed and condescending posts.

Yes. A very keen observation that has somehow slipped past others radars.


Moz is no longer relevant. At least the greats had the dignity to die I their prime. This guy is desperate.
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