Viva Hate promo box


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Hi all,

A quick question. How many promo photos should there be with the UK box ?

I only ask because I took some pics of mine the other day and there are three photos of moz - see below...

Then I had a look on Flax's site and it only shows Two. The bare chested one isn't there.

So come on, check your box and let me know how many there should be !!

It probably doesn't really matter but no harm in asking !!



I may be selling my box so keep an eye on "market place" !


I've never seen the bare chested photo before (though I hate it when they reverse shots).

Unfortunately this box has not kept up in value. I paid more for mine 18 years ago than what one would sell for today.


I've never seen that photo before either. I have three promo boxes, UK , German and Italy. One of my UK photos have been signed by Morrissey, this was not advertized in the sale and I'm not 100% certain it's legit.
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