What song are you listening to right now?



Sorry about your dad. I too lost someone close recently that was completely unexpected and it adds a level of difficulty to say the least. I hope you got to see him at least


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Suede's My Insatiable One from Brixton Academy 1993 concert (lovely 2LP clear vinyl which I bought today for Record Store Day). The store had only one copy and luckily I got it. Mad bloody expensive though.


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I reckon the cassette recording of a duet of "boots are made for walkin'" and "sugar town" by California Son, Nancy, and California Son's father in law in 1989 at their wedding reception at La Dolce Vita on Santa Monica Blvd. I reckon not blood I will ever let it see the light of the day though he doesn't live in LA Big Country black dude scuba diving next to rocks beach mouth airbnb fake flower house fark arse inn n n n n nnnnn n it.
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