why hasn't morrissey toured africa?


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R. Kelly is going to have a show in Africa.


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He'll get there soon enough -- he's running out of countries in Europe to fall in love with :D

Oh yes, that, and he's racist. :lbf:


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I imagine because of tour expenses.

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I was just about to write something tasteless, but I won't.

I wonder what would happen if he, for instance, would decide to tour Afghanistan...not that it's realistic. Would anyone buy a ticket? Would he get arrested?

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Maybe he did not feel like blessing the rains down in Africa,
or taking some time to do the things we never have.


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He wanted too, but after the tour in mud hut ville, and the outdoor concert on the lion savanna and a visit to cheer up all the dying people in the aids hospital, he just didn't have enough time for sitting around at home and self grooming in front of a mirror.

He tried, but he couldn't quite make it work out.


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He doesn't want to ste- adopt I mean a little African.

Also he's afraid the local predators would confuse Boz with a gazelle. (what there's a z in both names, I'll have you notice.)
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