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Alsatian Cousin

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[{| id="songbox" class="infbox wikitable" cellspacing="2" ! colspan="2" | MORRISSEY Song |- | Name | Alsatian Cousin |- | Album/Single | Viva Hate |- | Length | 3:13 |- | Recorded | Autumn-Winter 1987 |- | Writer | Morrissey/Street |- | Producer | Stephen Street |}


Were you and he lovers?

And would you say so if you were? On a forecourt On a Friday Passing my way

Were you and he lovers? And if you were, then say that you were! On a groundsheet Under canvas With your tent-flap Open wide

A note upon his desk: "P.S. Bring Me Home And Have Me!" Leather elbows on a tweed coat - Oh! - Is THAT the best you can do?

So came his reply: "...but on the desk is where I want you!" So I ask (even though I know): Were you and he lovers?

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