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Glasgow, Scotland 2006-12-02 (Morrissey concert)

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Live Recordings

This show was recorded by an audience member and a bootleg circulates online.

Glasgow, Scotland
December 2, 2006
Source: Audience
Grade: C (fair)

01. Panic
02. First Of The Gang To Die
03. The Youngest Was The Most Loved
04. You Have Killed Me
05. Disappointed
06. Ganglord
07. William, It Was Really Nothing
08. Everyday Is Like Sunday
09. Dear God, Please Help Me
10. Let Me Kiss You
11. I've Changed My Plea To Guilty
12. In The Future When All's Well
13. I Will See You In Far-off Places
14. Girlfriend In A Coma
15. Irish Blood, English Heart
16. Life Is A Pigsty
17. How Soon Is Now?
18. I Just Want To See The Boy Happy
19. The National Front Disco
20. Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want