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The last 3 days of the Second North American Leg, 2002 saw Morrissey billed between Jumbo and Jaguares.

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Mexican rock band formed in 1997 with Clemente Castillo, Charly Castro, Flip Tamez y Beto Ramos

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Jumbo is the name of an Avanzada Regia alternative rock band from Monterrey, Mexico. They were founded in May 1997 with the following lineup:

Alejandro Clemente Castillo Guerra, known simply as "Castillo"; (vocals and guitar) Jorge Tamez Chapa, a.k.a. "Flip Fantastic", "Fruit", or "Flipi"; (guitar) Carlos Alfredo Castro Aradillas, a.k.a. "Charly Pornet"; (bass guitar) Eduardo David González Peláez., a.k.a. "Edy" or "Eddie"; (keyboard) Enrique Demián González Peláez, a.k.a. "Bugs Wako"; (drums)