My Drunken Haze

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Greek pop band born in spring 2010 in Athens. 60's, cinematic, psych and dream pop is their main sound origin. Describing their music like something between Black Angels and Still Corners, they're constantly changing their style and methods in order to always be different in every release of them.

Current Formation (July 2018): Spir Frelini - Music, Piano, Bass, Guitars, Lyrics Georgia Alexopoulou - Music, Keyboards, Orchestration, Lyrics

Previous Formation 2014: Spir Frelini - Guitar, Lyrics Matina Sous Peau - Vocals, Organ, Tambourine Harry Eugene Kane - Electric Guitar, Organ, Tambourine Costas Gunn - Bass Nick Zouras - Drums (The former singer was Sofia, who was replaced by Eirini who, in her turn, was replaced by Matina Sous Peau)

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