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| Producer = [[Stephen Street]]
| Producer = [[Stephen Street]]
| Recorded = Autumn-Winter 1987
| Recorded = Autumn-Winter 1987
| Release =
| Release = February 1988
| ArtistType = Morrissey
| ArtistType = Morrissey

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Cover art
Name Oh Well, I'll Never Learn
Album/single Suedehead
Length 2:01
Writer/composer Morrissey/Street
Producer Stephen Street
Release February 1988
Recorded Autumn-Winter 1987



Looking up at the sign It said "Please Keep Away" And so in I ran You see, I'll never learn

Oh, I'll never learn I'll never learn

Chapter one again Here I go again I found the Fountain of Youth And I fell in

How could I ever win? I'll never learn

I'll never learn I'll never learn

Why should I mind? Why should I care? I'll never learn I'll never learn

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