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Trying to come up with a format for shows. I figure off the tour detail page we should have a link for the date. This should allow one for the venue if people make a page for that. It makes the heading of the page look odd so I'll see if I can change that somehow. To start the show page I started with Venue and then Set List under that. The set list is linked to each song as well. After that I assume show notes will come. Finally, links to commercial bootlegs with info that pertains to the show and the bootleg. Seem reasonable? -MR

Davidt: Yes that sounds reasonable. Maybe a new column 'info' and perhaps another column 'audio'?

I was thinking info would point to the 'post-show' links that are on the Morrissey-solo tour pages, that would cover shows going back to 1997. There are set lists and concert summaries / photos / videos / reviews already. A drawback is the info is not in the wiki, so songs won't be linked.

Take a look at the MuseWiki tour page for filename / page conventions to follow. We don't need to follow it exactly, if you think there are better ways of doing things by all means try it out / experiment.,_2009%E2%80%932011#2011

Before filling out too many details, let's get the format to a point we are satisfied with.

Yeah, that's why I figured I'd just do the one :D. If I can get the format down hopefully I can script this and go from raw data to formatted page and upload a ton of stuff in a short amount of time. I also didn't realize that the Musewiki was an actual band thing so I'll definitely check out the format for that. I also started poking around other stuff here too. I was going to try taking the song detail box like at Disappointed. I was going to link the M-S post show threads from there. That's going to be tonights work. I'll also add the Contents box that's there. Maybe in a day or two we have a format we like and I can start working on the scripting.

Cool, glad we're on the same page. MuseWiki has a template for the tour info page which we can use / modify. I think it's similar to the song detail box. No time stress on filling out the data but if you have it to upload that's great. This will probably be a big work in progress for years to come. Viva hate may have some data and some ideas on the formatting.

Instead of 1991-05-01 as the page title, something more descriptive would be better. Perhaps something like "Tour_{date}_{city / festival}"? for ex. "Tour_1991-05-02_Utrecht". Perhaps also indicate The Smiths or Morrissey?

Ok cool. I see how to create a useful page title off a different link now. I'd like to make a suggestion though. For songs linked from live shows I think the Muse format of SONGNAME_(song) is a bit cleaner. Then you would have something like SUEDEHEAD_(single) page and SUEDEHEAD_(song). It'll standardize the links in the Shows pages without having to remember which songs had a single released.