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Trying to come up with a format for shows. I figure off the tour detail page we should have a link for the date. This should allow one for the venue if people make a page for that. It makes the heading of the page look odd so I'll see if I can change that somehow. To start the show page I started with Venue and then Set List under that. The set list is linked to each song as well. After that I assume show notes will come. Finally, links to commercial bootlegs with info that pertains to the show and the bootleg. Seem reasonable? -MR

Davidt: Yes that sounds reasonable. Maybe a new column 'info' and perhaps another column 'audio'?

I was thinking info would point to the 'post-show' links that are on the Morrissey-solo tour pages, that would cover shows going back to 1997. There are set lists and concert summaries / photos / videos / reviews already. A drawback is the info is not in the wiki, so songs won't be linked.

Take a look at the MuseWiki tour page for filename / page conventions to follow. We don't need to follow it exactly, if you think there are better ways of doing things by all means try it out / experiment.,_2009%E2%80%932011#2011

Before filling out too many details, let's get the format to a point we are satisfied with.

Yeah, that's why I figured I'd just do the one :D. If I can get the format down hopefully I can script this and go from raw data to formatted page and upload a ton of stuff in a short amount of time. I also didn't realize that the Musewiki was an actual band thing so I'll definitely check out the format for that. I also started poking around other stuff here too. I was going to try taking the song detail box like at Disappointed. I was going to link the M-S post show threads from there. That's going to be tonights work. I'll also add the Contents box that's there. Maybe in a day or two we have a format we like and I can start working on the scripting.

Cool, glad we're on the same page. MuseWiki has a template for the tour info page which we can use / modify. I think it's similar to the song detail box. No time stress on filling out the data but if you have it to upload that's great. This will probably be a big work in progress for years to come. Viva hate may have some data and some ideas on the formatting.

Instead of 1991-05-01 as the page title, something more descriptive would be better. Perhaps something like "Tour_{date}_{city / festival}"? for ex. "Tour_1991-05-02_Utrecht". Perhaps also indicate The Smiths or Morrissey?

Ok cool. I see how to create a useful page title off a different link now. I'd like to make a suggestion though. For songs linked from live shows I think the Muse format of SONGNAME_(song) is a bit cleaner. Then you would have something like SUEDEHEAD_(single) page and SUEDEHEAD_(song). It'll standardize the links in the Shows pages without having to remember which songs had a single released.

davidt: Viva Hate originally entered the title of the song as the wiki title and we discussed the song naming convention, I think the template added the (single) text automatically. Originally I did think following the Muse format would be best, with the added (song) for clarity but now I think it's actually cleaner the way we have it. For the set lists or other places songs are listed, instead of having to remove (song) from the display, it's easier to list all the songs and remove (single) from display and add it to the link when necessary. Alternatively, we could also add redirects for the singles. I'll go ahead and add an example now. Thanks for the suggestion, let me know if that logic doesn't make sense.

I just changed updated the tour date wiki page name with more details: Utrecht,_Holland_1991-05-02_(Morrissey_concert)

<hr\> Please look at the first show of the 1991 tour and give me feedback on siting set list to PJLM.


DT: Thanks MR, looks good!

<hr\> MR: OK, I'll fix the current shows before adding new ones. It's pretty easy to add that to my scripted stuff.

MR: 1991 done but took much longer than expected. Going to move to a tour that has M-S content next. But going to pick a short one lol

DT: thanks MR, loks good. I know doing these pages right with proper credits will take a bit of work. But once it's done, it will be set for years, or decades, or longer :-)