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Instrumental only  
Instrumental only  
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Name The Draize Train
Length 5:08
Writer/composer Johnny Marr
Producer John Porter
Recorded May 1986


Marr via Guitar Player, 1990:

"I've got an Epiphone Coronet with one pickup, and I string it with the high strings from a 12-string set. It's a really zingy, trebly guitar. I used that on a lot of things that people think are 12-string... I also used it on the studio version of 'The Draize Train,' along with two Rickenbackers. I was working with Alan Rogan, the famed English guitar technician. He said, 'Well, if you want a Pete Townshend sound, I'll bring down two of Pete's guitars.' I don't know whether Pete knows about that!"


Instrumental only

Live History

Play count (The Smiths concert): 11 The Smiths live history: ... further results Play count (Morrissey concert): 0

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