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Posted by Ryan in El Vez mentions Morrissey in interview (Morrissey-solo, December 9, 1999):

In the Dec 2nd issue of NOW Magazine (a Toronto weekly) there is a brief interview with El Vez in which he mentions Morrissey a few times, here are the snippets:

"We (El Vez and Morrissey) only did a couple of shows together," offers Lopez (El Vez's real name) from his Los Angeles home, "and he was nice -- just very, very shy. Ridiculously shy. He didn't say much to me other than that he was at our first London show and he has all my records."

"In interviews, he kept telling everyone I was his favourite artist and he wanted to steal ideas from me. So near the end of his performances he'd put on a shirt with Mexico on it and he'd change the lyrics of a song and sing something about being a Mexican."

"He asked me to open for him in the UK, but I couldn't do it because dates conflicted with my Christmas shows."

Also from El Vez - Morrissey Under The Influence: music - Passions Just Like Mine:

  • In an internet chat on KROQ.com in 1999, Morrissey said "I love El Vez. I wanted him to come to England and to Europe. He's influenced me greatly."
  • In an interview published in The Face in 1999, Morrissey answered the question "Your forthcoming UK tour has a Mexican theme. Why?" with the answer "Because I saw El Vez recently and I'd like to have a go at stealing all his ideas."

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Robert Alan Lopez (born 1960), better known by his stage name El Vez, is an American singer-songwriter and musician, who performs and records original material and covers classic rock songs. Mixing the styles of Elvis Presley and many other American rock artists with his own Latin-American heritage and music, he is known for expressing revolutionary views through the satire and humor in his songs.