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"Shum" was played as one of the pre-show tracks in Las Vegas, 2021.

Previously mentioned via an interview called "Turning The Inside Out" published on Morrissey Central (July 2021):

"SAM: What is it about Go_A that … makes you listen to them all day?

M: “SHUM” is the first bit of the answer, but there are more layers and I think when you are excited by a band you automatically want to go to where they come from - and even, in some cases, live there. So, I’m checking bedsits in Kiev. The singers that you fall in love with become whatever your imagination imagines, and Kateryna is so cold and bony and I can’t wait to get to Ukraine. I haven’t ever been there."

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Go_A (also typed as Go-A) is an electro-folk band from Ukraine. The name means a "return to the roots" and was made by combining the English word "Go" with the Greek letter "Alpha", which symbolizes the beginning of everything.

The idea to form a band that would combine modern electronic music with ethnic motifs first came to Taras Shevchenko in 2011, but the first attempts to work with actual musicians took place the next year. In December that year, the first song "Koliada" (Коляда) was released.

The band first gained attention after the release of the single "Vesnianka" (Веснянка), which won the National competition The Best Track in Ukraine 2015. For six weeks, the song was number one on the 10Dance chart of the Kiss FM radio station in Ukraine and was awarded Discovery of the Year by the radio station.

In the fall of 2016, the debut album "Idy na zvuk" (Іди на звук; Follow the tune) was released by Moon Records, featuring 10 songs (including "Vesnianka"). In early 2017 they released a Christmas single "Shchedryi vechir" (Щедрий вечір) in collaboration with Katya Chilly.

In early 2020, it was announced that Go_A is one the 16 acts participating in the Ukrainian national selection for that year's Eurovision Song Contest. The band performed in the first semi-final, which took place on February 8th, placing second and thus qualified to the grand final. On February 22nd, in the grand final they won both the public and the jury voting. Hence, they were set to represent Ukraine in the Contest in May. However, on March 18th 2020, the event was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. On the same day UA:PBC announced that the band will represent the country in 2021. On 4 February 2021, it was announced that "SHUM" would be the song that Go_A would be performing in Rotterdam, they got the fifth position.

Members: Kateryna Pavlenko Ihor Didenchuk Taras Shevchenko Ivan Hryhoriak

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Go_A (Ukrainian: Ґоу_Ей) is a Ukrainian folktronica band formed in 2012. The band represented Ukraine in the Eurovision Song Contest 2021, performing "Shum", and placed fifth in the final. The band's name was made by combining the English word "Go" with the Greek letter "Alpha", which symbolizes the beginning of everything, and the band's name is symbolic for "return to the roots".The band includes vocalist Kateryna Pavlenko from Nizhyn, keyboardist and percussionist Taras Shevchenko from Kyiv, Ihor Didenchuk from Lutsk (also a member of rap group Kalush), and Ivan Hryhoriak from Bukovyna.The band sings exclusively in the Ukrainian language.

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