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Patrolled edits

DT: Wiki moderators (the initial editors / mods) can mark edits as 'patrolled' or 'approved'. In the recent changes page, if you are a wiki moderator, all edits that have not been patrolled yet have an exclamation point. If you check the diff and it looks ok, select the 'mark as patrolled' link on the diff page. Users can use the wiki restricted 'Wikiuser' account to make edits 'anonymously, so these edits will need to be monitored closely for abuse. If it becomes to much of a problem the account can be disabled.

See this link for more info on patrolled edits.

MR: I assume the IP blocking requires a different level of permissions than some folks have. Any chance I can get a list of those folks to try and contact when we got defacements happening (again, already, sigh)? Also, is there any way to get the wikiuser posts marked with the "!" like anonymous posts?

DT: Mods and Wiki Mods have admin access to checkuser (go to Special pages -> Check User).

More info on the CheckUser extension here: