Irvine, California 1986-08-28 (The Smiths concert)

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The Smiths Live Concert
Tour The Queen Is Dead Tour
Date 28 August, 1986
Venue Irvine Meadows
Location Irvine, California
Opening Act Phranc

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An excellent unofficial recording of this show is in circulation and is known commonly in bootleg circles as Thank Your Lucky Stars; this was the title it was given when originally issued on CD. This is arguably the finest Smiths bootleg in existence in overall terms of sound quality, band performance, and setlist eclecticism. It boasts a stunningly unique arrangement of setlist opener Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want, as well as a live rendition of the instrumental b-side Money Changes Everything. It is a near-complete document of the entire set with the exception of Bigmouth Strikes Again, the last song played. Furthermore, this bootleg serves as an interesting testament to Morrissey losing his temper toward the end of the show when he interrupted I Know It's Over to admonish the security guards for manhandling stage invaders.

Brighter-Sides-To-Life-Front.jpg The Brighter Sides To Life bootleg LP contains ten songs from this concert. The following songs are omitted: Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want, Stretch Out And Wait, The Boy With The Thorn In His Side, Is It Really So Strange?, Cemetry Gates, Never Had No One Ever, Rubber Ring + What She Said + Rubber Ring, That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore, Meat Is Murder and Bigmouth Strikes Again.
Thank-Your-Lucky-Stars-Front.jpg This concert has been released on the Thank Your Lucky Stars bootleg CD. This release is incomplete as the following songs are omitted: Meat Is Murder and Bigmouth Strikes Again.

Portions of this concert have been released on the following bootlegs: Blessings Of The Highest Order bootleg LP, Boyfriend In A Coma bootleg LP, Break My Spine bootleg 7" LP, Good Times bootleg 7" LP, The Smiths Hang The DJ (Thrice!) bootleg LP, the From The One You Left Behind bootleg CD, the Shoplifters From Manchester bootleg CD and the Wilde About The Smiths Unlimited Rarities bootleg CD.

MP3 versions are available at the usual places.

References And Notes

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