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L'insoumis film poster


This film contains the scene with Alain Delon that would help create the front cover of The Queen Is Dead.

The film scene the album cover originates from.

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The Unvanquished (French: L'Insoumis; Italian: Il ribelle di Algeri; also known as Have I the Right to Kill?) is a 1964 film noir directed by Alain Cavalier and starring Alain Delon opposite Lea Massari. The film's background is the Algerian War and Alain Delon plays Thomas Vlassenroot, a deserter of the French Foreign Legion in Algeria during the 1961 uprising. When a former lieutenant who now works for the OAS proposes to him to kidnap lawyer Dominique Servet (played by Massari), Thomas agrees. Caught giving Dominique water, Thomas goes on the run after a shoot out with his OAS colleagues, who subsequently begin to hunt them down. The film was not a completely happy experience for Alain Delon. He sustained physical injuries while filming and the reception of the picture by the French public was not good. The censors insisted on a number of cuts which compromised the artistic integrity of the film.