My Insatiable One

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The Drowners sleeve.jpg
Name My Insatiable One
Album/single Unreleased
Length Live only - varies
Writer/composer Brett Anderson / Bernard Butler
Producer Not applicable
Release Not applicable
Recorded Not applicable


The B-side of Suede's debut single "The Drowners" (1992), covered live by Morrissey in 1992.


In the high life I've got this feeling now
I've got this horrible feeling
On the escalator they took it out on him
As the ridiculous world went by

Oh he is gone
He's my insatiable one

On the high wire dressed in a leotard
There wobbles one hell of a retard
On the escalator we shit paracetamol
As the ridiculous world goes by

Oh he is gone
He's my insatiable one
And he was my inflatable one

Live History

Play count (Morrissey concert): 17

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