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Shoplifters Of The World Unite (single)

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Cover art
Name Shoplifters Of The World Unite
Release January 1987
Length 2:56
2:58 (Instrumental outtake)
3:03 (Instrumental demo)
Recorded November 1986
Writer/composer Morrissey/Marr
Producer Johnny Marr
Art work Elvis Presley's first press picture.
Taken by James R. Reid in 1955.
(Elvis' hairdresser).
Publisher Rough Trade Records (UK)
Sire Records (US)
Format(s) 7" Vinyl, 12" Vinyl, CD
Chart position UK #12
Single chronology
Shoplifters Of The World Unite
Sheila Take A Bow



Learn to love me Assemble the ways Now, today, tomorrow and always My only weakness is a list of crime My only weakness is well, never mind, never mind

Oh, shoplifters of the world Unite and take over Shoplifters of the world Hand it over Hand it over Hand it over

Learn to love me And assemble the ways Now, today, tomorrow, and always My only weakness is a listed crime But last night the plans of a future war Was all I saw on Channel Four

Shoplifters of the world Unite and take over Shoplifters of the world Hand it over Hand it over Hand it over

A heartless hand on my shoulder A push and it's over Alabaster crashes down (Six months is a long time) Tried living in the real world Instead of a shell But before I began I was bored before I even began

Shoplifters of the world Unite and take over Shoplifters of the world Unite and take over Shoplifters of the world Unite and take over Shoplifters of the world Take over

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Play count (Morrissey concert): 219

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  • Art Direction [Art Co-ordination] - Jo Slee
  • Bass [The Bass Guitar] - Andy Rourke
  • Drums [The Drums] - Mike Joyce
  • Guitar [Guitars] - Johnny Marr
  • Layout - Caryn Gough
  • Lyrics By - Morrissey
  • Mastered By - Tim Young
  • Music By - Johnny Marr
  • Other [Cover Star] - Elvis Presley
  • Photography By [©] - James R. Reid
  • Sleeve - Morrissey
  • Voice, Words By - Morrissey



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Custom pink inner sleeve with cat. no (RTT 195) written in white at top right-hand corner.

Cover star Elvis Presley © James R. Reid This record is dedicated to Ruth Polsky

© 1986 Warner Bros. Music Ltd. Made in England

Early UK copies were sold in a plastic carrier bag with "Shoplifter" printed on one side, and the cover art printed on the other side.

A [url=]mispress of this 12"[/url] also exists with "You Just Haven't Earned It Yet, Baby" on the A-side.


R-385496-1238888620.jpeg.jpg R-385496-1238888634.jpeg.jpg R-385496-1149485383.jpeg.jpg R-385496-1149485407.jpeg.jpg R-385496-1588351650-2956.jpeg.jpg R-385496-1588351650-3508.jpeg.jpg R-385496-1410521420-5801.jpeg.jpg R-385496-1410521426-3216.jpeg.jpg

Wikipedia Information

"Shoplifters of the World Unite" is a song by the English rock band the Smiths. Released in January 1987, it reached No. 12 in the UK Singles Chart. As with most of the Smiths' singles, it was not included on a studio album. It is featured on the compilation albums The World Won't Listen, Louder Than Bombs, Singles and The Sound of The Smiths. Another newly completed song, "You Just Haven't Earned It Yet, Baby", was originally intended to be the A-side of this single. It made it to the white label test pressing stage and approximately 900 stock copies of the single were manufactured. This aborted single mix can be heard on The World Won't Listen, while a remixed version is included in Louder Than Bombs.