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Noting dissension of particular lyrics.

DT: Is my life a book or opera? Please provide links to the video or audio that is definitive, there's no point in going back and forth.

Viva: It is "a book." I transcribed the rest of the lyrics and there seems to be no debate about those even though they are drastically different to ones that have been referenced as being on "" Listen for yourself - It's simply a case of someone saying he says "opera" and people filling it in with their mind when he sings it. However, if you listen to it not trying to hear "opera", you'll clearly hear that what he's singing begins with "Ah" not "Op" and ends with a "K"...most evident in the last two verses of the first chorus. Then again, you're always going to have David Bret-types out there who hear "gay, I lay awake."

If he's actually saying "opera", I'll congratulate him for writing his first decent lyric in 4 years and eat a bar of soap...but something tells me we're going to have a long time to wait until we find out for sure.

  • Update - I have just messaged Boz on Facebook about this issue. Let's see if he answers.
  • Update - Boz says he "doesn't know." Seems unlikely but OK.

DT: From that video, I can't say it's definitive he is saying 'My life is a book', although it certainly doesn't sound like 'opera'. I think it could be 'above' or 'a bore' or 'a blur'... Maybe it's something totally different. I've seen this before with lyric transcriptions even on recorded songs, it's never 100% certain unless we see the actual printed lyrics. Let's leave a note about the lyrics being transcribed from the video and is not official.

NHNS: I have sent Kristeen Young an incredibly polite message asking if she knows the line. Fingers crossed.

  • Update - She said it was too long ago to remember, if she ever did take note. Hopefully he'll play it again soon. Le sigh.