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MR: I suggest that entries on the bootlegs page be limited to silver pressed boots. No CDR.

DT: I don't follow bootlegs much but I think Skylarker mentioned most bootlegs lately are files, not CDs. I was thinking this was an initial page, eventually put each show on each of the concert info pages, perhaps under a "Bootlegs" section? The set lists don't need to be repeated, just the main info and perhaps an image and link to the download / torrent / info at Moz Recordings United?

Skylarker or Viva Hate, any input?

MR: That's true. I was thinking the the concert pages would have a Bootleg/Live recording section. This would be broken out into Bootlegs, which would reference back to the vinyl/silver press bootlegs area (maybe a category). The other part would be live recordings which would link out to the torrent sites. Once the Smiths live pages are done, there are some shows where all of these exist (LP, Silver CD and torrent file). I was going to try to mock up something there.

Viva: Personally, I'd prefer navigation of "Bootlegs" go something like this: Category - Morrissey Bootlegs (feature on main wiki page, one under solo & Smiths), Table featuring posters that link to different tours (like the Tour section, copy and paste), opens to page featuring the various legs and dates of the tour as clickable links (copy and paste from tour section, highlight date in RED if no bootleg exists of date), have link forward to the main articles on the concert dates as they appear under the Tour section. Each tour date should have it's own page that features the following - picture of the tour poster, date, venue, opening act, setlist, band members, tour backdrop, concert description, & section on bootleg (if available) featuring the artwork (if available), shots of the vinyl (if available), quality rating of the bootleg, and perhaps either a downloadable link to the bootleg or have it uploaded as a complete undivided show to Youtube and embed it on the page without the video.

In a related note, there should also be a subsection under Bootlegs for non-live bootlegs, such as 'Revelation'...each page for those should be similar to the templates for officially released albums.

Well known bootlegs such as 'Thank Your Lucky Stars' should have an article that forwards to the corresponding concert page, for the benefit of people who know the name but not the date or venue.

Anyway, that's how I see it and this is usually the format that an in-depth Wiki follows. Vocalizing any problems with this or any improvements upon this would be appreciated.

MR: Ok, I've mocked your input up as I interpret it. I added a Bootleg Recordings link on the main page. It leads to a page that breaks out LPs, silver press CDs and a full listing done via tour. I then added an LP and CD that link to a show and marked the audio as available on the tours recording page. There are links from the LP, CD and live recording page to the recordings section on the concert page. Please poke around and see what you think. I personally like it.

DT: Looks amazing to me! Good job.

MR: Ok, I'll work on finishing the skeleton for it today and adding an example for Morrissey as well. I'll remove the old bootlegs link from the main page and mage it a reference link on The Smiths and Morrissey pages to reference until all the content is moved into the appropriate show pages.